Lest we forget!

The start of our week saw us remembering those that fought for our country in a whole school assembly, which was followed by a minute silence on Wednesday. Nikhil also shared a beautiful poem he had written at home. Click on the video below to hear our published author.

On Thursday we met the new addition to the Alban City School community – Lani. We were very respectful making sure we didn’t make too much noise, however, being outside our classroom and washing our hands has never been so much fun, now that Lani is next door!

After writing a story last week, we have been exploring subordinate clauses to help us add complex sentences into future stories. We now know that a complex sentence includes a main clause, subordinate conjunction (I saw a wabub) and subordinate clause.

Although Hannah was tired, she stayed up late to watch the fireworks. 

This morning we watched Joe Wicks complete his 24 hour challenge and supported him for the last 20 minutes by taking part.

Finally, we asked the pupils if they were interested in starting Speakers Corner again and some have signed up already. They have been given their date and there is a blank slide on their google classroom for them to create their presentation.

Have fun outdoors this weekend, we look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Year 4 team