Them Bones Them Bones

It has been a tremendous week in Year 3!

In maths, we have continued to practise our written addition using  the column method. We now understand regrouping and how to add 3 digit numbers togethers. Next week we will begin to look at written subtraction using the column method. Here is a challenge some of the children tried to complete today. Fill the 4 boxes with digits from 1-9 (without repeating). Each row and column will make a 2-digit number. Add the 4 numbers together. Can you make exactly 100?

Year 3 have loved our new big text, The Iron Man. We have practised retelling Chapter 1 in different ways and today wrote it while thinking about our adjectives and making subordinate conjunctions. Here is some excellent work by Emmeline, Ned, Maria, James and other children in Year 3.

The Wow lesson! In science, we used the iPads to create an x-ray effect and see the bones in our bodies. Year 3 tried to identify the bones of the body. We will continue with this next week, but here is a sneak peak.

Across the week, Year 3 took time to talk about Remembrance Day and why it is a special day. We discussed trenches and what it would have been like; and why it is important to think about people. On Wednesday we joined the rest of the school at 11am and held our minutes silence.


Today for Children in Need, we joined Joe Wicks with some of his exercises.


In PE, Mr Roberts is teaching gymnastics to Year 3. All long hair must be tied back in a pony tail please otherwise it will too unsafe for the children to participate in the lesson.


Next week is anti-bullying week. Year 3 will being completing activities to help the children celebrate our differences and what makes us special.