Year 6 and The Chocolate Factory

We are extremely proud to introduce our new Year 6 Subject Ambassadors.  This week, these children were presented with their badges as ambassadors for their chosen specialist subject.  We look forward to seeing and sharing with the rest of the school, their passion and expertise over the coming weeks.

Inspired by our studies last week of T.S Eliot’s poem Macavity: The Mystery Cat – we have this week been writing our own poems about mischievous animals.  Please see a selection below and we look forward to hearing children perform their fantastic poems over the coming lessons.

The children have worked incredibly hard in Mathematics this week; converting fractions to decimals and then to percentages.  We are encouraging children to try and remember some of the more common ones which really helps when applying these skills in real life situations.

In our RE lesson this week, we compared the similarities and differences between the Christian festival of Christmas and the Buddhist festival of Vesak. This lead on to an interesting discussion on the importance of festivals within different religions and cultures.

The undeniable star of the show this week has to go to the Chocolate Tasting Topic lesson.  The children (and staff!) were incredibly enthusiastic to learn about the origins of chocolate and how it has developed and changed over the years to become the product that we know and love today.   We had some real tasting connoisseurs in the year group, commenting on the appearance, smell, texture and taste of 4 different chocolates as well as raw cocoa nibs and cocoa butter – directly from the cocoa pod.  Some of the children asked if we can do this every week!  Mrs Stray…?

Next week is Anti-Bullying Week 2020: United Against Bullying and so we will have a focus on this throughout the week.