Creative Writing Galore!

This week during Anti-Bullying Week we explored the types of behaviour that would be considered bullying.  As part of our discussion, we thought about how bullying can make people feel. We also considered the different roles people may have and the steps that we should take if we are worried about bullying. From this, we created a display of jigsaw pieces which will be put together next week.

In Literacy, we have begun our story writing unit. We watch the video ‘Presto’ for inspiration which shows a rather mischievous bunny who will not follow the magician’s commands. Whilst he is at first angry, his mood soon brightens as he is embraced by the audience. In our lessons, we have started to explore characters and settings and learnt about different suspense and tension techniques. The research that the children completed for homework on different tricks will also be very useful when we come to write out final stories. Next week, we will be learning how to use inverted commas (including all necessary punctuation) as well as how to adapt our language to show informality.

As part of our Tudor topic, we explored the different events of the Spanish Armada identifying both the causes and effects. The children were able to produce some fantastic flow diagrams showing clearly how one event led to the next. Below are some examples of the work produced.

In ICT, we have continued work on our green screen topic. The children have selected an event linked to the Tudors and have been busy producing storyboards, scripts and identifying backgrounds and props. After completion, we will be moving onto filming the production using a green screen before applying our backgrounds and editing our final film. We were also able to apply our learning to our Science work where we too were producing a script for a science show about dissolving.

It was also fantastic to hear and see the work that the children completed on their Family Trees at home as part of our well-being topic on Connections. We hope you all enjoyed the time speaking about your family members as the children spoke very enthusiastically about the task.