November News

In English this week we have been busy writing our very own versions of Rapunzel where she escapes in a unique way and finds something amazing in the forest. The children have worked really hard to include conjunctions, adverbs and noun phrases in their writing, whilst also writing in past tense. Why not ask them what happens in their version of Rapunzel?

In Maths we have been securing our knowledge of using bar models whilst also practising our addition and subtraction skills with this. We had to decide whether a whole or a part was missing and whether we needed to add or subtract.

For Anti-Bullying week the children have designed their own hands with qualities that make a good friend written on them. This links to “United Against Bullying”.

We are starting to look at the “Christmas Story” in Faith and Belief (is it that time of the year already?!) It is really interesting to look at the significance of the difference characters and the views and meanings they bring to the story for Christians.

This term we will be introducing 5 Ways to Wellbeing and focussing on how we can connect
with others in our class. This week we thought about how, as a class, we can connect with each other and considered why this is important. We created a class flag (Scarlet class) and class paper chains (crimson class) to represent  our class family.