X-ray machines and poster making

It has been an extremely busy week in Year 3 with lots of discussions and learning of new skills.

5 Ways to Wellbeing: Connecting  This week we connected with each other by writing down special facts about ourselves on a piece of paper. After rolling it up into a snowball, we threw them into a space (this was very exciting)! Year 3 had to pickup a snowball and find who it belonged to by asking each other questions.

Antibullying Week 2020 Year 3 designed antibullying superheroes and thought about their special powers to help with antibullying. We spoke about the choices we could all make to stop bullying and connect with each other. When thinking about why we are all different, we celebrated our differences by writing down things we like about other people in the room.

We continued learning about column subtraction in maths and how to regroup. You can help at home by practising some of your own questions like 453-128. Next week we will begin to look at worded problems with addition and subtraction questions.

In English, we have been writing diaries and predicting what will happen next in the story of The Iron Man. We have been learning about including emotions. You can help at home by trying to describe an emotion. As a challenge, can you describe an emotion without using the adjective?

This week, we also used iPads to create vocabulary posters and turned our iPads into x-ray machines to help us learn the names of the bones in our bodies and where they are found.