And we are back!

We would like to say a huge welcome back to all of the Year 6 children. We think it is safe to say that we all really missed seeing them in person.

This week has been rather strange as we started the week off with online learning and are ending the week with a fun Friday of English, Maths, Music, PE and Golden time in school.

We have started our new unit in English this week and are making links to South America (Mexico in particular) by looking at a book called The Dead Family Diaz. This book tells the story of the popular festival in Mexico called the Day of the Dead where families celebrate by helping their family members who have died pass over to the land of the living. This week we focused on looking at the little details the author and illustrator included in the story and pictures that helped create imagery for the reader.

Shape has been our focus in Maths this week with a particular emphasis on key vocabulary. We have looked at the definitions of parallel, perpendicular, regular, irregular and a variety of different angles. They helped us to then describe a variety of shapes using these key terms.

The 5 ways to wellbeing has now been launched with a great online assembly from Mrs Lord on Monday to lessons in both classes on Thursday. We looked at what wellbeing is, made links to both our physical and mental health and how our wellbeing can have an impact on our everyday lives. To fit in with this term’s wellbeing focus of ‘Connect’, each class created a ‘class flag’ and included thoughts, feelings, objects and colours that made us all feel connected as one.

Say cheese….

Year 6 had the pleasure of being filmed during one of their lessons for the school’s new promotional video. Magenta class were busy on the Chromebooks ‘buying’ shares and looking at the Stock market. Whereas Amethyst were relaxing with some table Yoga in their wellbeing lesson.

Next week we are going to be spending some time completing a set of practice SATS papers. These will be completed in the morning and are to give the children the experience of what to expect. We will then spend time going over the papers to see where the misconceptions were.

Have a great weekend!