Sssssshhh, you don’t want to wake it too soon

A surprise awaited us Wednesday morning, when an egg appeared in the year 4 classrooms. Where has it come from? What type of egg is it? Is there anything inside? Will it hatch? These were the questions running through our heads. As we had spent the first part of the week reading and learning about limericks we used our egg surprise to help us write our own. The clips below will show you our performances at the start of the week to us reading our own limericks to our class egg as a way of caring for it. We hope you enjoy.

Maths started with a creepy feel looking at how we could use factor spiders to help create factor pairs of a number. We then used this knowledge to help us explore integer scaling i.e. three times as big and correspondence problems i.e. Claire had four books. Emma had four times as many. How many books does Emma have? Today we created our own, see if you can solve some of them!

This week we were introduced to the 5 Ways to Wellbeing and began to think about what we could do to improve our own and others’ wellbeing. Our focus this term will be to connect with each other and with the community. Look out for the ways we will being doing this over the next few weeks.