Where will your Leaf Man go?

Hi everyone,

In English this week the children have continued to explore the book The Leaf Man. They have made Leaf Man portraits using different autumnal materials gathered from outside. The children have created their own storyboards about where their Leaf Man would travel and in which direction – north, south, east or west. They used the storyboard to write their new version of the book using keywords – First, Next and Finally to start their sentences.

In maths we have been naming different coins and discussing their value. The children understand the size of the coin does not represent its worth. They ordered the coins in their values and added amounts together to make a total. Today the children role played shopping and began to use their number bonds to 10 to solve subtraction money problems to find change from 10p.

For music this week the children have been practising songs for a Christmas performance that will be recorded and made available.