Creative writing at its very best!

This week, we have continued to fit in lots of learning from Hanukkah to magic-themed stories to  singing Christmas songs.

Literacy has been an utter delight this week and the children’s stories are really taking off. So far, the children have written their story openings and build-ups. The level of detail, in particular the inclusion of imagery, has been brilliant and kept both teachers hooked. We can’t wait for next week when the children will complete their stories and find out exactly how each magic show goes horribly wrong. Keep your eyes peeled for some further extracts.

In Maths, the classes have been consolidating their multiplication skills, developing a new method. This is the formal method of multiplication and can be very challenging, especially when lots of carrying is involved. We started the week multiplying two digit numbers before moving onto decimals by the end of the week. This skill will be very useful during our Clic Tests each week.

In P.E., the children have continued to develop their hockey skills. This week, they focussed on maintaining close control before shooting at a target from a distance. We finished the lesson with a game, trying to dispossess each player.

This week, Year 5 have been very busy planning and filming their very own production linked to the Tudors. The children have learnt how to use a green screen app before putting their acting talents to the test. They have now filmed each of the individual scenes and next week will be adding the backgrounds and props to bring their film to life during their editing time. Look out for our blog next week to find out more.

In Faith and Belief, the children played a game involving a dreidel. This involved placing counters into the middle which could be won by any play based on the spin of the dreidel. The winner is declared after one player holds all of the counters. The children thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and wrote up instructions afterwards about how to play.