Festive windows, exercise and newspaper reports!

Another week finished and so much fun was had by all!

In Maths, we have been learning about money this week. We have been focusing on how we can make amounts of money in different ways. We also set up a challenge where we had to try to make £1 in as many different ways as we can think of. Next week, we will be continuing to learn about money and begin to understand how to make change when spending money.

We have been blown away by the children’s writing this week. We have been writing newspaper reports all about Grace Darling. The children have really taken on the roll of newspaper reporters and have included gripping headlines, facts, noun phrases and some great sentence starters. They used some lovely vocabulary such as ‘it has been reported that…’, ‘we were able to speak to Grace Darling…’, ‘It has been rumoured that…’ and lots more super vocabulary!

We have decided to take part in the festive streets this year in Year 2! Make sure you take a look at our windows to see how creative the children are! Crimson class have all designed their own baubles and Scarlet class created their own snowflakes. We hope they put a smile on your face when you walk past them!

In Science, we have been learning about the benefits that exercise has on our bodies. We took part in lots of different exercises that use different parts of our body. After each exercise we reflected on how it made us feel and what parts of our bodies we could feel working. The children were able to think about why they might have found certain exercises difficult and how they could help improve their endurance.

We have had a very special visitor this week. We have had our very own elf come and stay in our classrooms. The children have loved coming in every morning and seeing what he has been up to!