Making Connections

We have been working extremely hard at converting different units of measure from mm to cm; cm to m; m to km. We also explored capacity and mass using our knowledge of g and kg; ml and L.

In English  we have researched and explored the different features of leaflets and how we can use these and our High Quality Vocabulary (HQV), subordinate clauses and similes to begin creating our own informative leaflets on dragons.

Do you know the difference between a conductor and an insulator? In science the we learned what materials make good conductors and which would make good insulators. We were given different materials and created a table to note our predictions. We then made the circuit using these and recorded the results.

As part of our 5 Steps to Wellbeing, Year 4 have had a fantastic morning creating Christmas tree displays from paper, cellophane, card, paints and much more for all to see as our way of connecting with the community. So be sure to look up as  you walk past. Can you spot how many we have made? Do you have a favourite?

We are lucky enough to have added home reading books to our school collection that support reading above brown band. Some children have started to read them and have enjoyed sharing the plot with us in class. Remember to read with your children at least three times a week to help develop their understanding of words and phrases that are not usually used in spoken language and record this on the right hand side of the homework diary.

We thank you for your support and have a great weekend

Year 4