people and particular poetry

It has been a wonderful week to be in Year 3!


In maths, we have been applying our column addition and subtraction skills to reading information from bar graphs. We started the week creating physical bar graphs and learning about counting in groups to make a scale. We learned how to read bar graphs and answer questions about them.

In English, the children have enjoyed the poetry from last week so much that we continued it this week as well. We have been learning about how to create similes, onomatopoeia, alliteration and rhyming couplets.

In science, we learned that not all creatures have their skeletons on the inside and these are called exoskeletons. We created tools to help us understand how muscles work and help make our bones move.

Check out this fantastic video of some travelling, jumping and landing from equipment in PE!



This week Year 3 create team flags to help us connect together with sharing ideas and working together on a project.

Christmas Cards: Pupils may bring in Christmas Cards any day next week for other pupils in the class or Year 3 only. The last day to bring them in will be Friday 11th. All Christmas cards will be quarantined and handed out the following week. You may even like to create just one card for the class (which we will display on the wall) rather than everyone.


Learners of the week in Amber Class: Emmeline for not giving up in PE when travelling in different ways across equipment; Thomas for facing his fears and presenting his poem in front of the class.

Learners of the week in Vermillion Class: Teodora, for always taking a challenge in her work, and James, for working hard to stay sensible, leading to excellent learning this week. Well done!