Rocking around the… SATs

We have to start by saying how proud we are with all the children who came in this week and tackled a set of mock SATs papers, giving it their best shot.  They showed just how much they have learnt as well as resilience in the face of challenge.  We want to remind everyone that this was the first time they have done these tests and it has helped identify areas for development.  We still have plenty of learning time ahead to revise and go over these.

This week, the Department for Education has announced that the KS2 SATs for Year 6 will go ahead but they will be scaled back with the removal of the Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling test.  The maths and reading tests will go ahead as usual along with the writing assessment.

The class teachers had a great time in Science this week, where during an investigation into reflexes, we created a loud noise to make the children jump.  We then recorded the results to see how each person reacted. Following this, children worked with their partner to test the reflexes in their legs with some surprising results.

In topic this week, we took a journey to the Amazon Rainforest and explored the impact that people have had and continue to have on the tribal lands in South America.  We took on the role of a miner, who had moved to the area to extract gold, to write postcards home.

Rehearsals for the Christmas Song Concert recording have started in earnest in music lessons.  The Year 6 hallways have been buzzing with the lively tunes of Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree and Jingle Bells.

Next week, lessons will resume almost as normal with the exception of:

Tuesday – Art Day.  This will involve some Modroc and so we advise children to have an old t-shirt with them to avoid soiling their school uniforms.

Wednesday afternoon – although we are disappointed not to be attending the theatre for a pantomime, we have the next best thing.  The children will visit the theatre in school to watch a pantomime on the large screen.

We wish you all a lovely weekend.