Decimals and fractions remaining till the end

This week has been another busy week in Year 5. In Topic work, we compared the old Globe Theatre and the new one to see which changes were beneficial. However, this left quite a few questions which have been set as research tasks for this week’s homework, along with some division work.


The children built on the opening to their creative writing pieces, based on a magic trick, to create suspense along with dialogue and description to produce some wonderful suspenseful stories which left us wanting more!


In Science this week, both classes researched irreversible changes following on from the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, including: burning, concrete and rusting. To discover what the chemical changes were, the product of the reaction and what the change is useful for.


The children in Maths this week, have been learning to write remainders, using the bus stop division method as both fractions and decimals. Both classes have worked using their times table knowledge and creating jottings to help them with their division steps.


In P.E. this week both classes have had a chance to combine the skills learnt throughout their hockey lessons in small game situation and in gymnastics created and performed a routine on the apparatus within a group. During I.C.T both classes have had a chance to edit their Tudor performances with some success using the green screen app to edit and add backgrounds to their film to then show the whole class next week.