Happy Hanukkah!

We are continuing to learn about different religious celebrations in Year 1 this week. We have begun to explore how Hanukkah is celebrated and next week we will be thinking about how Christmas is celebrated.

In maths we have been recognising our odd and even numbers, by using cubes, halving and number lines to help us identify these. We finished the week with worded problems, such as ‘Which even number is before 9’ or ‘Which odd number is between 13 and 17’?

In English we have been learning about the Jolly Postman through the story of the Jolly Christmas Postman. We have thought about what maps are used for by mapping out the places he stops, and also recapping on traditional tales. We have been practising our letter writing skills.

We have continued to think about our wellbeing this week by making a joint class flag collage for Sky and Aqua to connect to each other and work on an outcome as a team.

Next week we will have Christmas lunch on Wednesday and a disco on Thursday morning. We will also record our music performance on Thursday next week.

Well done to Year 1 for all their hard work in the term so far!