Let’s take time to light up!

We believe that in the early hours of Tuesday morning a dragon hatched from our mysterious egg and escaped into St Albans. Therefore we have been busy creating leaflets to inform the public of what to do if they come across this creature.

This week in maths we have been looking at telling the time on an analogue clock. We focused on five minute intervals when looking at time past and to the hour. We also explored converting hours into days and days into weeks.

Christmas is quickly approaching and we started celebrating with a practical investigation involving a working circuit using a light bulb and crafts. Take a look at some of the festive pictures that were created. Can you spot where the light are?

For wellbeing this week we discussed the emotion jealousy and when we might feel this. Lots of discussions were had on how to recognise and work through the emotion. As a year group we agreed that we need to feel all emotions to be able to understand how others might be feeling and why they behave in certain ways.

Thank you to the PTA for finding a way of allowing us to still enjoy a Christmas tradition of watching a pantomime. Although a different experience the school theatre was full of laughter while we watched ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

Have a wonderful weekend

Year 4 team