Paul Klee, Money, Chocolate Cake and PANTO!

This week in English, we have been learning about poetry. We listened to Michael Rosen performing his poem ‘Chocolate Cake’ and the children loved it! They noticed how he was acting out the words and using lots of expression when he was reading and it really inspired them! We have decided to write our own versions of chocolate cake using lots of descriptive language. We will be performing them next week!

In Maths, we have been learning about money.  We have been learning how to make an amount using various different coins and also how to give change. We set up our own shop in the classroom, taking it in turns to be shopkeeper and customer. The children took their roles as shop keeper very seriously ensuring they were giving exactly the right change. Next week, we will be revising our shapes knowledge and learning about the different features of a 2D shape.

In Art, we have continued to learn about Paul Klee. He is very well known for saying ‘a dot is a line that goes for a walk’ so we decided to test this out! We took our pencils for a walk and then painted the sections using water colours. We focused on mixing colours and what would happen if we mixed two colours together.

The children absolutely loved the pantomime this week. Although it was very different to  our normal panto trip the children were still so excited to go down into our theatre to watch it!


Reminder: As it is cold at the moment, we advise that children bring in jogging bottoms for PE lessons. Thank you!