Last (week before) Christmas

A final busy week in Year 5, in the final week before the Christmas holidays.

During this term we have explored the artist Henri Rousseau and the different techniques that he used. After much planning and preparation, it was time to complete our final art pieces. The children spent hours working together to create the masterpieces below. The layering technique is evident to see as are the use of darkness and highlights.

In Citizenship this week, we have been discussing random acts of kindness and how they make people feel, the children were able to identify a range of acts they could carry out at school, home and in the community to bring a smile to somebody’s day. They have made their own checklist to try and complete over the Christmas break.

In Sage, the children applied their green screen knowledge in science to create an informative mini episode all about dissolving. The children were able to learn from their previous experience using the green screen and the new recordings are superb. They will have an opportunity to watch he final results after Christmas.


Thank you for all the lovely gifts that we have received, they are very generous and much appreciated. We hope you have an amazing Christmas and New Year from all of the Year 5 team.


Please enjoy the Christmas concerts from Forest and Sage class.