We are so so thrilled to welcome everyone back to school this week. Every child has come back with huge smiles on their faces and it’s been so lovely to see them all settle back in so quickly.

In Maths this week we have been learning about estimation. We have talked about what estimation means and how we can find out if our answer was close to the exact amount. We have estimated how many jumps we can do in 10 seconds, and used a number line to see how close our answers were. We have also been predicting which amounts have fewer/more and explained our reasoning. Below is a great video you could watch at home to continue discussion about estimation.

In phonics this week we have been recapping phase 3 sounds and beginning to read and write simple sentences with these sounds in. Encourage your child to label their pictures at home, or help you to write a shopping list.

The children have spent all day on Thursday making kites thanks to the weather delivering us with lots of wind! They all tested their ideas for different ways to make a kite, and soon found that the wind was stronger than their first design so had to come back inside and try again!