Back with bang…

Seeing our classrooms buzzing with enthusiastic pupils in the flesh this week has been such a pleasure.  Everyone was so excited to see their friends and even quite excited to see their exercise books! By extending our soft start, we have all had fun catching up with each other, sharing lockdown stories and playing games.  On Monday, we spent some time creating Animal Art and adding to our new display which is all about what we like to do and what makes us feel good.

In our English classes, we have continued The Pirate Cruncher theme and written dialogue and description, learning how to move the action in a story along.

In DT this week, the Anderson shelter building has started in earnest.  Even though the classrooms looked like a cardboard explosion had taken place, the children impressed us, as always, with their innovative ideas and readiness to help others.  We are looking forward to continuing with the next stage in the coming week.

We didn’t quite manage to stay off of the Chromebooks all week; our new ICT topic is coding Micro:bits.   Children had a fantastic time using block coding to program their Micro:bits, creating their own games such as Rock, Paper Scissors.  Next week, we will be developing the code to program the Micro:bit as a step counter.