Welcome Back!

A huge welcome back to Year 3!
It is amazing to have the classrooms full again with chatting and laughter. All week we’ve spent time across the day to just talk, share stories and make things together.
In English we looked at the poem ‘The Magic Box’. After reading the poem and looking at the features we could find, we spent time drawing some of the strange items being put inside. We also created our own items that we would put in our own magic boxes that we also made.
In maths, we spent time revisiting some of the fraction work taught previously. Year 3 have been excellent at using some wonderful maths vocabulary.
In science we recreated and retold the life cycle of a flowering plant! We made life cycle spinners and used role play to help us retell the life cycle!
Year 3 have really impressed us with their enthusiasm for all their learning this week and being kind to each other.