Welcome Back!

What a lovely first week back it has been.  It has been so lovely seeing the children come back with big smiling faces! They have settled back into school life so smoothly and their positive attitudes have made us so proud to be their teachers!

In maths this week we have been learning all about fractions. We began the week by learning about equivalent fractions. We used pizza bases to represent 1/2 and 2/4 being equivalent. The children made some delicious pizzas! We then started finding 3/4 of an amount. We used multilink to help us with our working out.  This was quite tricky so it was lovely to see the children working together to help each other find their answers! (Looks like we have lots of teachers in the making).

In English, we had another busy week working for the Monstermatic Toy Company. This week, we designed and created our own monsters after our boss had told us they needed a new monster but with a special feature included i.e. super speedy cleaning, extra strong or the ability to fly!

We then wrote our own version of ‘Monsters: An owner’s guide’ to help owners look after their own monster. The children worked so hard on these and were able to explain clearly using detailed explanations to help teach people how to best look after their monsters.

In Science, we investigated minibeast and their habitats. We went on a minibeast hunt on the playground and used a tally chart to record our findings.

At the end of every day we have spent some time thinking about what we are grateful for. The children have drawn pictures and written messages and kept them in our gratitude jar. It has been a lovely way to end our days at school!


  • PE days: Thursday & Friday.
  • Homework: Will be set every Friday on Google Classroom. The children have a week to complete this.
  • Spellings: Will be given out on a Monday and are based on that week’s Phonics Lesson. They will then be tested the following Monday.
  • Reading Books: Please make sure you are reading with your child 3-5 times in a week. Remember the book should be read 4 times as this allows children to understand the book in more detail and helps with their fluency when reading.