Welcome back!

Welcome back, everyone! Thank you very much for all of your kind wishes and gifts. We’d also like to say a big thank you for your support with the online learning.

All of the children have settled back into school well this week, but I’m sure they’ll appreciate a rest over the weekend!

This week we have explored statistics in maths. The children enjoyed collecting information from their classmates and recorded this with tally charts and pictograms. They were able to read and interpret their findings, such as by identifying the most, the least and finding the totals.

In English, we recapped on the features of a sentence. We then built on our knowledge of conjunctions, including when using ‘but’, ‘and’, ‘so’ and ‘because’ in a sentence.

The children have had lots of fun learning in their recently refurbished outdoor area (artificial grass!) and, when the sun has been shining in the afternoons this week, it has made it even more enjoyable.

Year 1 loved recording their song with Mrs Dore this week for ‘Sing St Albans’, which will be played on Radio Verulam (dates to follow).

We hope you have a lovely weekend. Here are some photos from our week.