Welcome Back Week

How lovely it has been to see full classrooms again!

We used our morning on Monday to settle ourselves back into a school routine by decorating a rectangle for our motivational poem. Each rectangle has our own individual stamp that has been put together to show how strong we are as a year group.

In English year 4 pupils have taken control and have designed their very own display to show off all their work they did on Ancient Egyptians. There is still some work to finish before the display is complete.

In maths we continued to explore non-routine and routine problems followed with learning based on symmetry. By cutting shapes we were able to physically find the lines of symmetry. Did you know regular 2D shapes generally have more lines of symmetry then irregular 2D shapes?

This week in history we explored what life was like on the Home Front during WW1. From our learning we created our very on posters that encouraged those at home to help.