A Super Week!


This week in Maths, we have been learning the time. The children have amazed us with their time knowledge and have also been practising throughout the school day by using the clocks in the classroom. We have focused on o’clock, quarter past, half past, quarter to and have even begun learning the time to 5 minutes. Keep practising at home!


In English, we began our poetry topic. We listened to the poem ‘The Sound Collector’ and then performed it in pairs to the class. Lots of children had one person reading the poem and the other making the sounds from the poem. The class loved performing these as they really enjoyed making all the sound effects!


In ICT, we have been learning about staying safe online. This week our focus was online bullying and how we could deal with this. The class created their own ‘Supportive Sunflower’ where they came up with ideas to help prevent online bullying.


In Music this week  the children focussed on rhythm and used the wooden claves to play along to the syllables in each of their names.

Comic Relief


Wow! All of the children looked AMAZING for our special red nose day! We created our own comic books based on our superhero characters which were very interesting! We also used watercolours and paper to create our ‘Superhero saves the day!’ art. We practised blending watercolours together to create a gradient effect. We think they look SUPER!


Here are our new Year 2 display boards displaying the super work from the children the past few weeks. It’s been so lovely to have everyone back together again!