‘Picking’ our noses

With the excitement of the first week over, the children in Year 5 have settled back into school life like ducks to water, this week’s final day being dedicated to Red Nose day where we dressed up as superheroes to raise money for charity.

This week saw the start to the new literacy topic of newspaper report writing looking at the mysteries surrounding two boys, Bubba and Spike, and an ancient water tower. We discussed the features of newspaper articles and planned our very own to begin writing next week.

Starting this week in Maths, we are now calculating the area of regular and irregular shapes and starting to calculate the areas of squares and rectangles. This has furthered our knowledge of square numbers to calculate and predict the area of squares.

Forest investigated how the length of shadows change throughout the day and how the Earth actually moves to change the shadow throughout the different times. In P.E. we have worked on backhand grip utilising the backhand serve and movement around the court efficiently.

To finish off the week both classes completed different red nose day tasks, quizzes and activities – designing their own red nose, red nose day quiz and lollipop superheroes.

This week signifies the return to regular homework being set on a Friday on your child’s Google Classroom, this week’s being to create a fact page on a planet in the solar system and a Maths task.