Red Nose Day!

What a fun day we’ve had dressed as heroes! Today we have designed a superhero outfit for the heroes of today.

Apostrophes for possession has been our focus this week in English. We explored singular possession and plural possession as well as discussing when a word is simply plural. We ended the week by creating an advertisement to sell the perfect algae-covered coat to sloths or to encourage others to apply for an assistant role to help the wonderful Sam who rescues and nurtures young sloths.

As our confidence in understanding fractions grows we spent this week learning how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. Drawing bar models helped many visualise and understand how to calculate the answers correctly.

This week in PE we have been developing our blocking and catching technique when a ball is rolling on the floor. We learnt about a perfect kneeling position that means if we don’t catch the rolling ball in our hands it will then be blocked by our knee or leg providing more of an opportunity for us to get it before it rolls out of reach.

Sitting around a table with bread and red juice helped us find out about The Last Supper and its importance in the Easter Story. Many raised brilliant questions like Why did Jesus go to Jerusalem if he knew someone would betray him? Why is Good Friday called Good Friday if Jesus died?

As promised here is a photo of the completed display Year 4 designed and created.