Superhero Fun!

Hi everyone,

This week we have been reading the story of Beegu. The children explored what they know about the main character and how they might be feeling. They wrote about settings of the planet where Beegu was from, and have started to use speech for characters. We will continue with the Beegu story next week.

In Maths the children have been working on their numbers from 1 to 100. We have practised counting forwards and backwards, and in twos, fives and tens. To explore numbers to 100 in more depth we learned about the tens and ones in any given number, and where this number would be on a blank number line or a bead string. This helped the children to be able to order and compare the sizes of these numbers using practical methods.

In Science, the children learned about the animal kingdom and some of the animal groups. They built on their knowledge of the main characteristics of each group.

In Faith and Belief we have been sequencing the events of the Easter Story and learning the key vocabulary around it.

For phonics, we are recapping over our Phase 5 sounds. This week we covered ‘ay’, ‘ou’ and ‘ie’.

The children enjoyed being superheroes for Comic Relief! Here are some pictures of our week: