Happy Holidays!

Wow – these last three weeks have whizzed by! It’s been so wonderful to see the children bound back into school and get stuck into their learning!

This week in Maths we have been learning about sharing. We now know that when we share we need each person to get an equal amount, and we have been doing this systematically using objects, for example, sharing 10 sweets between 5 teddies and finding out how many each teddy will get.

Over the next couple of weeks here are some ideas of activities you could do at home to keep on learning 🙂


Create a role-play shop with items up to 10p. Start with using 1p coins only. As your child becomes confident creating amounts with 1p coins you could introduce 2p coins, making sure to model the value of 2p by counting it twice. Your child could start problem solving e.g. This teddy is 7p, how could we make 7p using only 1p and 2p coins?


Create a role-play tea party, buy a bag of sweets and set up some plates with teddies or pictures and share an amount up to 10 between different amounts. You could even start to talk about odd and even numbers and discuss how odd numbers can’t be shared equally between 2.


Go for a walk around your local area, and maybe take a pen and paper and draw some of the things you can see e.g. a church, a shop etc.
Once you are home you could have a go at labelling your pictures with the words to match, or you could even have a go at writing some sentences using the same sentence starter each time e.g. I can see a church, I can see a shop.