Have a good Easter

We made it! Through all the changes and all the different ways of learning,  the children have continued to rise to all the challenges and new learning strategies thrown at them. We are incredibly proud of them and everything they have achieved. We would really like to encourage them to take this Easter break as a chance to recharge for the summer term.

In preparation for the summer term, we made a start at identifying what it means to proofread a piece of work and have agreed to use CUPS (capital letters, understanding, punctuation, spelling) as a strategy to support us in doing this. This can also be used when completing future homework tasks.

Linking our ICT skills with science, we created branching databases to help others classify living things.  Carefully constructing yes/ no questions meant that we were able to observe and identify the animals or plants we had chosen.

End of term concert. In music we got to perform in front of the class with an instrument of our choice. We had a range of performances on the chime bars, drum, ‘Bob’ the cello and piano.  We even had a group performance!