Where has that school term gone?

And just like that, the Easter holidays have arrived.  It has felt like the last few weeks have whizzed by but with such an action-packed period, everyone is ready for a rest.  The children have been working and playing so hard back in school and as always, we are really proud of all their achievements.

Writing our pirate themed stories this week has definitely brought out those budding authors in the children.  We have so enjoyed reading their unique and exciting adventure tales, many of which have brimmed with ambitious vocabulary, cohesively written complex sentences and bundles of enthusiasm.

As you have probably seen, the Anderson shelters we have been making for the past 3 weeks in DT have been finished.  Please take some time to enjoy this gallery of pictures showing all the children’s hard work and dedication.

DT Gallery

In the run up to Easter, we have read and discussed the Story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  We considered its significance at this very special time of year for Christians and retold it in the form of colourful comic strips.

Easter story comics

In science this week, we became experts in the fascinating yet often rather revolting world of microorganisms. The children created eye-catching posters filled with information about these teeny tiny yet absolutely essential living things.

All about microbes

As we head into the holidays, the Year 6 team would like to wish everyone a fun-filled, safe and restful couple of weeks.