Working Hard All Week

We have had such a busy week in Year 5 with lots of learning across the curriculum.

This week in Literacy we have been continuing our work on The Watertower. The children were asked to produce a newspaper, reporting on the events which had happened in Preston. We discussed various conspiracy theories and how different perspectives could be presented. There were some brilliant quotes from the children from some interesting townsfolk e.g. A. Lien and C.Lone. When we return in the Summer Term, we will be reading the follow-up book Beneath the Surface and writing a suspense story.

ICT was very popular this week as the children put together their learning from the half-term to produce a short stop motion animation. All the children engaged really well with the task and enjoyed sharing their final productions with each other.

In Maths we have been working on area. We began by counting the number of squares covered before moving onto learning the formula length x width. The children were able to confidently work out the area of rectangular and square shapes and find different combinations to satisfy a given area. As we have moved on through the week, we have explored compound shapes, working hard to identify the missing lengths based on other information provided. Home Challenge: Try to work out the exact area of a room at home. This will require a tape measure and possibly a calculator.

In Geography, the children undertook an independent research project based on how London changed as a result of the 2012 Olympics. The children were provided a brief of what to include and worked really hard, first completing the research before moving onto presenting it using Google Slides. There were a fantastic selection of images and the children were able to edit their presentation at the end. Some example pages have been included for you to see.

In Science, we brought together our learning on forces to carry out our very own investigation linked to friction. In Forest Class, pupils were challenged to create an investigation from start to finish looking at different materials and the levels of friction they exerted on a moving force.

This week all of the children were able to complete some cooking. All pupils were tasked with making a savoury muffin in small groups, following a recipe and preparing any ingredients needed. Each of the children were able to pick what to put inside from cheese to herbs to ham to tomatoes. Linking on from our previous lesson on reading food labels and being aware of allergens, the children also listed what the muffins were made from to ensure they were safe to eat for all. It was a great success and everyone had a brilliant time. Hopefully over the Easter break, you may be able to have a go at making them at home. The recipe has been included for your use.

Homework has been added onto Google Classroom for the children to complete. This includes: a Maths task which will require a trial and error approach; an Art/D.T. project based on the solar system; and reading at least three times a week.

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter and look forward to seeing you in the Summer Term.