Welcome Back

It’s great to see the children settling back into school after the Easter holiday.

We are continuing to revisit phase 3 sounds in phonics. We have been looking at  oo (long and short sounds), ar, or and ur.  We have been digraph detectives  as we have read words with these digraphs in them and we have applied the digraphs in our writing.

In maths we have been taking a close look at the teen numbers and making them with different resources, which includes Numicon and ten frames.  We have been noticing what is the same and what is different about the teen numbers. They all have 1 ten.  It is the ones that change.

Our book of the week has been Jasper’s Beanstalk. We have revisited the days of the week and have started to think about plants and growing.

Here are a few pictures of the children being active and creative inside and outside during their ‘discovery time’.