Busy first week back

Year 5 have had an incredibly busy first week with all pupils settling back in with their respective classes, which has seen the introduction of new topics in most subjects.

In English we have now read the much anticipated sequel to ‘The Water Tower’ , ‘Beneath the Surface’, which takes place many years after the first mystery behind the tower. The children have identified and used suspense techniques leading to writing their own incredibly imaginative settings.

We have explored capacity and volume of shapes, discussing the key differences, before calculating volumes of different 3-D shapes. This week has seen the recapping of percentages, before using scaling to find percentages from fractions and showing fractions in multiple forms.

This week has seen Year 5 start new topics in most subjects including science, where both classes have donned their white gowns and taken a dive into dissection. We have explored the different parts of a flower and their functions, before deciding which parts are used for reproduction.

In RE, the children have created questions that they would like to know about Judaism ready to research the answers next week.

This week has seen Year 5 begin to look in more detail at this half term’s featured artist – L.S. Lowry. We have discussed the influences behind his artwork and the general mood of his work as an artist. The children have compared two of his portraits and discussed the similarities and differences.