Worms, tunnels and mud!

Hello everyone,

This week has been our Science focused week. We have had whole week of afternoon lessons exploring the body and our 5 senses. We measured and compared basic body parts including hands, feet and necks. We drew around our body and labelled the basic body parts. We explored sound and how sound travels during our sound walk outside. We took part in a tasting, smelling and feeling carousel activity, where we made predictions.

This linked to our English book for this half term, ‘The Street Beneath my Feet’. Here we explored what it might feel like to be a worm underground. We used our senses to role play being a worm through ‘tunnels’ and recorded using the adjectives to describe this.

In Maths we have been preparing for our topic on multiplication and division by identifying equal and unequal groups using our knowledge of odd and even numbers and objects to help us.

Phonics sounds this week involved practising ue, aw, ph, wh.

Here are some photos!