Year 4 Detectives

To start our summer term off we have explored and identified features of detective stories. While watching a detective clip, we put our own detective skills into practice by writing notes of possible suspects, witnesses and clues.

In maths we have been building on our understanding of fractions and have created fraction walls which will help us compare and order fractions next week.

In computing we learnt that an algorithm is a detailed set of precise instructions. Both classes had to really think about the set of instructions they gave the teachers to make a jam sandwich. We had to look at how to debug the algorithm when Miss Hind was asked to ‘take the knife out’ which resulted in her walking outside of the classroom with the knife, and Mrs Warner going to eat the sandwich without her hands!

This half term we will be looking at our digestive system. This week in Science we learnt about the function of the different teeth found in humans. We now know that this is the start of the digestive system and are looking forward to finding out about the other parts.