An action-packed week

In Literacy, we have been continuing our work on story writing. We consolidated our use of the punctuation associated with speech before planning our own stories which draw on the events of Beneath the Surface but with our own individual twists. The suggestions for different suspense techniques were outstanding and have shown a real improvement in vocabulary. Next week, we will be writing our stories and putting together all we have learnt over the last three weeks.
During our Maths lessons, we have introduced the bubble method when calculating percentages. The method involves calculating key percentages: 50%, 25%, 10%, 5% and 1%. These can then be used to find any other percentages through the use of addition or subtraction. When moving left, you divide by 10 and when moving down, divide by 2. An example has been provided.
We have also continued our work on adding fractions that have different denominators using the butterfly method. After the butterfly is drawn, pairs of numbers enclosed together are multiplied before carrying out the mathematical operation in the middle. The children have shown a great understanding of this method and have been able to answer questions involving both addition and subtraction. An example has been provided.
This week we were fortunate enough to have a visit from an astrophysicist. The children learnt all about the different planets and asked very detailed questions throughout the session. The children had an opportunity to learn more about gravity and understand key terms, for example supernova and nebula. There were also practical parts to the session including: looking through a telescope, splitting white light using a torch, feeling the vapour created from dry ice and seeing a small canister launch following a reaction. Some photographs of the event can be seen below.
Last week during our Faith and Belief lesson, the children generated their own questions linked to Judaism. This week, they were tasked with carrying out research to find the answer to these questions in a small group. As you can see, the results are very impressive.
From next week, we will begin exploring the values and ideas behind Humanism.
In History, we were identifying connections between past and present royals. In the lesson, the children analysed a family tree, identifying key points such as who were the children of Queen Victoria and how is she connected to Queen Elizabeth II. In addition, we explored her ruling and how it was different from previous monarchs. The fact pages produced by the children for homework are absolutely brilliant and will be placed on display in the classroom.