Another Busy Week!

This week in English, we have continued with our topic based on the book ‘Atlas of Adventure’. We researched using computers and the Atlas a festival from around the world. We learnt about persuasive language and why it is used. We practised trying to convince people to attend our chosen festival using persuasive phrases.

In Maths, we revisited using a bar model to help solve world problems. The children were able to read word problems, create a bar model based on the problem and then solve the problem using either column addition or subtraction.

In Science, we were learning about properties of materials. We thought about how lots of materials will feel different and how certain objects are fit for purpose i.e. raincoats. In groups, we searched round the classroom for materials with different properties i.e. transparent, flexible, shiny, hard and soft.

In D&T, we continued our topic on bread. This week, we were tasting breads from around the world. We considered what we liked and what we didn’t like about these different breads. We also thought about how these breads are different, how they are made and if we would use any of these flavours in our own bread.