Do you hear what I hear?

In PE on Monday we started to look at different throws that are needed in a game of cricket. We explored and practised cupping our hands into a bowl shape to catch an under arm throw as well as using long arms and a step forward to help us with long throw.

What is fair and what is justice? In RE we considered what is fair and what we consider to be justice when others have been unfair i.e. saying sorry or using actions to correct behaviour. We listened to a song that was created to make others feel empowered and to raise awareness of injustice.  This links nicely to this weeks homework, below is a link to the song we listened to in class.

This week in Science we had a visitor who used fun interactive activities to build on what we’d learnt about sound, during home learning. We used slinkys  to identify the different way waves can move and a smoke machine to see how air can be pushed. Using this understanding we then explored and reasoned why we couldn’t blow a balloon within a plastic bottle but could outside it. Near the end of our workshop water was used to show the vibrations that create waves that allow us to hear different pitched sounds.

In English we have focused on building our own distinctive detective characters by identifying features of known characters such as Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew. Using specific vocabulary we then created a character profile that built on the character we had used in our own story last week.

On Thursday in Spanish we learnt phrases that linked to buying a drink in a café. Below are some of the words we learnt:

  • Un café – coffee
  • Un café con leche – coffee with mile
  • Un te – tea
  • Un te con leche – tea with milk
  • Un chocolate caliente – hot chocolate