So, how did we evolve?

Week 2 – done and dusted! After such a long time without visits and extra-curricular activities it has been an absolute joy to see children enthusiastically returning to the after school clubs.  In addition to this, we were able to enjoy a visit IN PERSON from Dr. Francis, who delivered a fascinating workshop about Evolution, in line with our current topic.  The children had the opportunity to look closely at a number of artefacts, both authentic and replica.  The children then stepped into the shoes of palaeontologists and participated in fossil digging and fossil making activities.  Please see the gallery below.

Leading on from last week’s extraordinary alien autopsy, children took on the role of journalists reporting on the events which took place. With a focus on formal writing, including technical language, direct and indirect speech; the children wrote some brilliant newspaper reports, some of which we are pleased to share with you below.

We have continued our Extreme Earth geography topic this week by looking at how mountains are formed, looking with particular interest at the Himalayas and Mount Everest.  We started our new class book, Running on the Roof of the World,  and are already gripped by this tale of escape and adventure which is set in Tibet.

Our Well-Being focus this term is ‘Get Active’ and in light of this, we will be making an extra effort to get out of our seats and move!  The children are really enjoying our new PE units of basketball and cricket, particularly in the glorious sunshine this week.

In math lessons next week, we will be revising the use of a protractor to measure angles, looking at missing angles and ways to calculate and problem solve.