The Romans and The Tunnel

It has been a wonderful week to be in Year 3!

After researching about Roman pottery last week, this week, Year 3 explored making our own Roman pottery using a coil technique. Is was lovely and messy. We used lots of different methods for rolling and shaping the clay to build our pots. Soon, we will look at designs a bit more before having a 2nd attempt.


In English, we continued exploring the story The Tunnel. As predicted, we found out that the sister did in fact follow her brother through the tunnel. Of course, her wild imagination doesn’t help her fears at the other end when faced with a dark forest. Year 3 have been concentrating on using and improving our descriptive vocabulary. We have some wonderful writers. You can help at home by choosing something to describe (a tree, a vase, a lake); write 3 adjectives to describe it and then work on improving them.


In maths, we have started learning about multiplying 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number (23×4). Most of the week, we have been using equipment to make the question to help us solve it. Next week we will learn about how to write this as numerals and use quick drawings to help us if needed. You can help at home by practising the 3 and 4 times tables. Try playing games to make it fun like matching the question and answer.