Following on from last week’s books, Oliver’s Vegetables and Oliver’s Fruit Salad, we have found out about a banana’s journey. We looked at the fair trade logo and thought about what this means for farmers. If you have any food at home with the fair trade logo on, it would be great if you could encourage the children to find it and talk about it. We decided to make banana bread with some of the spare bananas that we had in school. But before we could get cooking we had to write a list of ingredients to buy. All the children were involved in the baking and tasting, which they loved.

Here is the link for our recipe that we made. It is dairy and egg free as some children have allergies and we cooked them in the oven.

Last week we began to grow runner beans in a jar so that we could observe what happens to the beans when they start to grow. We have watched the roots grow and the shoot with the first leaves appear so this week we transferred them into pots with compost and we are going to watch them grow nice and tall, hopefully! During our child initiated playtime some of the boys asked if they could have some beans to plant in the garden area so we will see if they grow too.

In phonics we have been learning our tricky words and putting them into sentences. The tricky words included: my, are, her and all.

Our focus in maths has been shapes. We have learnt a new word ‘rotate’ so we are now recognising shape that are the same but have been rotated. We have made model using cubes and we have encouraged our friends to make a matching model.

Here are some photos from the week.