Mystery arises

Another incredible week in Year 5, started with the completion of our suspense stories, applying our knowledge of suspense story features, techniques and planning to create amazingly detailed and chill inducing stories, that knocked both Mr Clements and Mrs Bland off their feet.

We have had a very practical week this week in Maths, with the children discussing properties of 3D shapes before investigating the nets used to create cubes comparing which nets could potentially work and which wouldn’t. The children applied this knowledge to solve some cube and net based problems.

In Art we continued our learning of the artist L.S. Lowry and discovered that he used 5 main colours in his artwork which we then experimented at creating using a lighter and darker tone. This term permits Year 5 to use the Micro:bits which are a sensor based technology. They can be programmed to sense many different variables. This week saw the children create thermometers using the Micro:bits, discovering where in the school was the coolest and warmest.

And finally, a massive congratulations to a team of 4 children who competed in an interschool Maths competition this week, which saw them have to solve multiple problems using their skill and knowledge. All the children worked incredibly hard practising for the tasks set.

We hope you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend and look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday.

Mrs Bland and Mr Clements