Crazy Hair Day

It was a fantastic end to the week with everyone taking part in the PTA’s crazy hair day.

In maths we continued learning strategies to help solve multiplying 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. We even moved onto solving some worded problems and missing number problems too! They really made us think especially when regrouping was involved. You can help at home by practising some extra questions. You could even write a question out with the answer and ask your child to be the teacher and mark it for you.

This week in English, we have been practising using different types of conjunctions. These are words that help to join sentences together or to include some extra detail. As a chance to use them, we created our own versions to the end of The Tunnel story we have been reading. We will read the real ending next week. You can help at home by practising saying sentences using the conjunctions: for, and, so, because, while, when, after.

In art, we learned from our experiences of making pottery using clay to now design something more elaborate. We will get to make these soon while using our pinch and coil techniques.


In computing, we have been debugging and fixing broken code for the beginning of our maze game topic.

We watched and participated in the NSPCC assembly this week. Can your child remember the phone number? (0800 1111)