Crazy hair to end a crazy busy week!

This week in English, the children have worked so hard to write a persuasive leaflet. We started off the week by researching a country of their choice. As a class, we decided to research landmarks, famous foods and animals. The children then began writing their leaflet focusing on persuasive language and using facts.  The children have created some amazing leaflets!

In Maths, we have been learning to compare, add and subtract units of measure. We compared grams, kilograms, centimetres and metres. We then started solving word problems based on mass and length and used bar models to help us solve them.

In music we followed clapping rhythms and took turns to lead the class at the front!

In computing, we have been learning about coding. This week we learnt how to give our sprite instructions and then get it to repeat the instructions several times. Next week, we will be creating a dance routine as a class to then create a code for our sprite to do the same.

Crazy Hair Day!

What a hair-larious day (get it?). The children all looked amazing with their colourful, spikey, curly and crazy hair. We loved looking at everyone different hairstyles!