Digestive Detectives – How does it work?

On Monday we looked at keeping ourselves and others safe in our PHSE lesson. Our focused discussions were around cycling our bikes and the dangers that come with riding on two wheels. We ended the session sharing ways of how we can reduce the risk of such dangers i.e. wearing a helmet or not listening to music when cycling.

In English we used role play to interview possible suspects ready for our written version the next day. Using our character profile from the previous week we had to make sure we included distinctive character traits, such as the detective leaning back in their chair and bringing their fingers to their chin when thinking. It was great fun and allowed us to think through the crime and clues ready for when we wrote our story.

We also looked at past tense for regular and irregular verbs. Below is a link to a fun video that helped us learn this:

In Science we explored what happens at each part of the digestive system starting from our teeth to our body getting rid of waste. Through demonstrations we learnt about how acid and saliva in the stomach helps churn food, which then allows the small intestine to pass on the nutrients to the body, while the large intestine absorbs the rest of the water and gets rid of the waste.

This week we had fun using a Bee-Bot to help us record an algorithm using letters and symbols. We either created our own route for the Bee-Bot to travel around or we had to get it around each table leg with the added criteria of it going in and out of our chair legs. It involved using the trial and error  approach to help us debug problems.

On Thursday we ended our maths sessions with a game of countdown to  practise regrouping numbers when multiplying a 2/3-digit number by a 1-digit number i.e. 23 x 6 or 158 x 3. We were able to use this method efficiently enabling us to solve calculations between 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Well done to everyone who completed last week’s homework. We have enjoyed reading your songs and poems that have addressed a variety of global and personal issues. We have also enjoyed live performances by some in the class. A very special thank you to Zoe who has allowed us to post her performing her rap!