The Learning Continues

Despite the bank holiday, we have been learning so much this week.

This week in Literacy we have introduced our new unit which is a discussion text. The children were provided with the following statement: Queen Victoria is the most successful British Monarch. Discuss. We explored an example text, picking out the key features and identifying how the text must remain balanced. In groups, the children then completed research of five British monarchs, collecting ideas to use in their written work next week. We have begun to select the most important facts and organise them, thinking about how to create overall cohesion.

In Maths, we have been focusing on translation and reflection. The classes have translated shapes up, down, left and right and reflected images using a mirror line. We have discussed the importance of plotting each point carefully before using a ruler to accurately join the points. Next week, we will be revisiting area and perimeter before moving on to angles.

In Science, the children were tasked with drawing two life cycles: one for a frog and one for a butterfly. They were able to identify each stage in these life cycles, adding appropriate notes to explain what happens at each part. As part of our class discussion, we reflected on how frogs can lay up to 4000 eggs at one time and the advantages of this. Next week, we will be comparing the life cycles, identifying both similarities and differences. As our unit continues, the children will be given the opportunity to research the life cycle of a mammal of their choice.

In P.E. we focussed on exchanging a baton during a relay race. The children practised both the underhand and overhand pass, with a focus on speed of exchange. Some photos have been included for you to see.

Our Victorian topic continued with an exploration of living conditions for the rich and poor. First, we discussed the validity of different historical sources, identifying the source type, when it was produced and by whom. The class discussions were absolutely brilliant and demonstrated a deeper understanding as the lesson progressed. Following some online independent research, the children then identified key points before reflecting on the effect for those living there. Some examples can be seen below:

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.