In reception the children’s reading rapidly improves and develops with daily practice. Please can we encourage all children to read for about 5 minutes each day to an adult. They don’t have to read a whole book a day, just a few pages and have a discussion about what they have read to check their understanding or to explain vocabulary that they are unfamiliar with. It doesn’t just help them to become a more confident reader but it also equips them with the skills for writing.

Library Books

Please remember your library book on a Thursday so that you can change it during class library time.

In music the children have been listening to the music, the Carnival of the Animals. Here is a link which has a brief exerpt of each part of the music representing the different animals. They have been introduced to the word staccato and they have been practising the beat.

This week the children have been talking about their pets and pets within their wider families. They have been thinking about what pets need to keep them fit and healthy and they have looked at some resources on the RSPCA website. They prepared some questions for Mrs Stray prior to Lani’s visit to the reception classrooms.

We have had some snails in our bug garden area, which has provoked lots of interest from the children.

In maths, they have been applying their knowledge of take away in a variety of games.
Here’s one to try…

With a friend collect ten objects to play the taking away game.
Take it in turns to take away 1, 2 or 3 objects.
How many objects are left each time?
The player that avoids taking away the last object wins the game.

In PE the children have been completing a dance unit. They have been developing their expressive movement through the topic of ‘everyday life’. The children explored space and how to use space safely. They explored travelling movements, shapes and balances. The children chose their own actions in response to a stimulus. They were given the opportunity to copy, repeat and remember actions. They were introduced to counting to help them keep in time with the music. They performed to each other and began to provide simple feedback.