14th May 2021

Another week has flown by in Year 5. In literacy, the children have been writing discussion texts as to whether Queen Victoria was the greatest UK monarch ever, with stiff competition from Elizabeth I, Elizabeth II, Henry VIII and William the Conqueror. They have used their research about each monarch to create a debate as to who was the best monarch.

Starting this week, we have moved onto labelling, drawing and measuring angles using protractors; this is a skill we found a challenge but will continue to develop throughout the remainder of Year 5.

In computing this week, Year 5 began to block code the Micro:bits to use them as light sensors that can detect the level of light and display LEDs to illuminate, before starting to discuss the uses for heat sensors and how they would be useful in daily life.

This week saw us continue to develop our already broad knowledge of the Victorians onto the jobs that children could have at the time before education was mandatory. We made job adverts in partners to persuade a child to join our workforce.


P.E we started to develop our explosiveness in the standing long jump, using power to propel ourselves forward. We also compared our techniques to the world record holder and tried to jump the same distance in as few jumps possible.

Finally, in Science, Year 5 continued to compare life cycles and discuss the key similarities and differences between an insect and amphibian’s life cycle.